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Control of Technologies

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Control of Technologies & Other Connumdrums.


Intro Story

  • Trivia Contest
  • We expected to win
  • They focused on perameters and route to success, we didn't
  • They won


Re-Invention & Mission Creep

  • Lessig's Code: achitecture codifies values
  • Cig lighter power for my iPod, adaptation and purpose creep
  • When TV came out, film didn't die...but it did change


three types of innovations: mountain bikes, that math problem from gladwell, that language insight (from gladwell, or maybe use John Nash example, or radio), 


Conundrum of Control

  • zero control: no ID or benefit
  • Total control: no flexibility and lack of energy


Connundrum of Innovation

  • Low control (loosely coupled): higher adaptability
  • High control (tightly coupled): Higher Adaptation


Conundrum of Diffusion

  • Loosely Coupled: Low diffusion, but high re-invention
  • Tightly Coupled: High diffusure, but low re-invention


Diffusion of Innovations

  • S Curve of innovation (early to late adaptors)



Nouns and Verbs

  • Organizing more important than Organization
  • Managing more important than Management
  • New view of organization as a flow problems and solution, a flow of infomoration,
  • "The picture of an organization that emerges from these ideas is that of a stream of problems, solutions, and people tied together by choices.  What happens over time is that choices mobilize reasons and justifications, which people then use to make elements in the stream more orderly.  Organizing states with a set of choices and streams.  When the streams converge, people pay attention and construct explanations for the convergence"  (Weick, 2001, p. 28)



  • Bounded Rationality: We only see part of picture, can't really see cause and effect
  • Tell ourselves stories based on culture and vision, common-shared visions of reality


Strategies for Success

  • Align Objectives between units, keep focuses
  • Overload the system
  • Seek Balance

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