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Site Redesign Resources

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Site Redesign Resources


Web site design hall of fame 



University of Minnesota, I really like the ways that they compartmentalize this site.  


UC Riverside, use of images, different nav bars, organizational boxes.


Slate, like use of photos here.  good use of navigation bar.  very clean. 


Howard County Library, a very nice design. Need to look around at this one.


Queens Library: good at engaging content, not just a nice design.  I like it.


Texas A&M, a pretty extensive search box on the home page. Clean look.


Western Kentucky University Libraries, great example of using RSS Feeds in site


Tame the Web mention of Haiwii Com College site


Egaging Users: The Future of Academic Library Web Sites College and Research Libraries. Jan 2008, 69:1, 6-27, interesting article with some nice page layouts that may be useful for the next redesign. 


Next Generation Library Interfaces: Marshall Breeding shared his vision of where we’re moving in providing access to library collections. He hates the word OPAC or even library catalog...


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