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The Information Literacy Tipping Point

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The Information Literacy Tipping Point



Ways to spread information literacy: get a supportive president/principal/super intendent


Top Down Change: The Boss says to do it


Things that Impact Actions within an organization (Controls): Budgets, Policies, Architectures, Organizational Culture


SCurve for innovation


Three things that make an innovation successful


three types of innovations: mountain bikes, that math problem from gladwell, that language insight (from gladwell, or maybe use John Nash example, or radio), 


Car Charger for iPod Example or QWERTY Keyboard: two ideas that have not tipped


Gladwell's three pieces to "tipping" (Context, people, ?): How to hit that steepest part of S curve


Connectors, mavens, salesmen


Connectors & the power of exponents




Why do innovations fail?


Focus on the Big Picture: Official Documents, statements policies


Focus on the Little Picture: One project/assignment that really rethinks how information literacy must work


Use Symbols


Find people: Most people are connected to select individuals, or a few people are connected to everyone else


Let go and give ideas away: Re-Invention


Increase variability to increase the rate of change


Encourage playfulness & randomness


Reflective Questions

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