Pattern Recognition, Knowledge, Gut Reaction 


There is an underlying dopamine-driven decision making process for all of us. There is a physical process of pattern recognition.  When things fit the pattern, then the brain is happy.  When things don't fit, it hurts. 


We make gut level decisions. We can see patterns at a gut level that we can't see rationally.  But, sometimes patterns do not exist.


Belief ties into this.  the ways we see the world, the ways that we perceive patterns are our initial reaction to information.  


basketball player "hothands"


What can we learn from deal or no deal?

Brain doesn't do well with randomness-->ways that we pick, rules we make up

Points of comparison ("framing effect") --> from banker offer and remaining amounts.  these are things we think we can win, but they have nothing to do with the actual decision. We tie into those numbers and then let emotions get in the way when we "lose" them

Pressure situation charges up emotions

failure is more powerful than success, so "losing" numbers destroys healthy decisions. "Loss aversion" is huge. 


from Jonah Lehrer, How We Decide? 


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