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Belief Machine

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Kentucky chapter- a shooting, beliefs come to add explanation


Living in a society where info is "too big to know"


We can find information to support anything


Well structured vs Ill structured questions 


Nature of belief


Virus example: 

-death rates from small pox, polio, measles, flu (epidemics in US small pox, polio. flu)


-history of fear of vaccines

-connecting fear of autism to vaccines

-form communities of belief, attack experts, misrepresent evidence, shift beliefs in spite of evidence, (they claim an evil empire of schools, gov't & corporations which has evolved over around 150 years "cog in medical machine") 

-vaccines as ill-structured problems (fear of unknown-proving negatives)

-beliefs preserve themselves 


Spanish American War: 13 from sickness to 1 death on battlefield

WWI: 1:1

WWII: 1:85


1920-1955 life span of average american increased by 25%

same period, California cases of diphtheria went from 110,000 (700 death) to 72 cases (4 deaths) 



Teach about info

Stress background & grasping the topic

Ask then to recognize their own beliefs



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