You are not so smart podcast

YANSS 039 – Unconscious learning, knowing without knowing, blind insight and other cognitive wonders with guest Ryan Scott


Listening to you are not so smart podcast and thinking about metacognition


Might be worth looking up this guy's research about metacognition (see Sussex study reveals how ‘blind insight’ confounds logic)


Seems like metacognition would be a good conversation to have with students as they consider knowledge


Metacognition is your knowledge about the knowledge you hold


So if you asked somebody the capital of United States and you feel fairly certain that it is correct then your metacognition is your certainty


If you asked somebody the capital of the state of Wyoming may feel like they do not know what it is that lack of uncertainty or the uncertainty is there metacognition


The question for students is what is the level of that Certainteed or uncertainty about the knowledge they have on any topic


The idea of metacognition starts to touch on the feelings and emotions related to knowing



This relates to the idea of predictive judgments